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Boston Gazette Supplement, 1766

Supplement to the Boston Gazette dated May 12, 1766. The two publishers of the Gazette were aligned with the anti-British party of Boston. Discusses the Stamp Act through satire, letters, and a note from Benjamin Franklin. Contains several advertisements.


Pennsylvania gazette, [No. 1918 (September 26, 1765) - No. 1922 (October 24, 1765)]

One issue of the Pennsylvania Gazette dated September 26, 1765. Contains a resolution by the Connecticut assembly in opposition to the Stamp Act. Includes domestic and foreign news with an article from Boston describing actions being taken against the Stamp Act. Contains advertisements for store goods.


Political Observatory , [Vol. 1 no. 36 (July 21, 1804)]]

One issue of the Political Observatory dated July 21, 1804. Contains a detailed description of the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr as well as a patriotic 4th of July song and various domestic news items.


New York Weekly, [No. 135 (December 11, 1790)]

One issue of the New York Weekly Museum dated October 28, 1789. Contains George Washington's second State of the Union speech in which he lays out rules the U.S. should abide by. Also contains several advertisements relating to land buying and local businesses.


Gazette of the United States

One issue of the Gazette of the United States dated September 23, 1789. This newspaper was founded by John Fenno in 1789 and was sponsored by Alexander Hamilton. Contains an early form of the Bill of Rights as twelve amendments to the Constitution.