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Help the Gilder Lehrman Institute create and preserve a collection of primary sources.

How will future historians and students study our time?

The Gilder Lehrman Collection contains nearly 75,000 documents, many of them by average citizens who did not realize their voices and opinions would become part of the historical record. Personal letters, diaries, and photographs are some of the most important and most powerful primary sources available.


Share your experiences with us for inclusion in our digital time capsule.

The past year has challenged us in unprecedented ways. Historians in the future will want to know about our experiences and opinions. Help us preserve history and add your voice to the historical record. These materials will document the important issues of time and will remain sealed for 20 years.


Use the links below to submit your story, photograph, poem, or anything else you would like to share. There is no pressure to submit a “perfect” story. 

Keep in mind that submissions will be a part of the historical record.